And the Liebster award goes to…..

I already wrote my main blog for the day but I figured since I have a little time on my hands and I enjoyed writing my check in blog so much I would chime in on my thoughts on the Liebster award.

I am beginning to wonder just who the Fuck this Liebster guy/gal is. I mean, does anybody really know? For all I know it’s just a bull shit award used to kind of drive up traffic, like a pyramid scheme without any money being exchanged. I am very skeptical about the whole thing and really want no part of it. I won’t nominate anybody for some award named after some person who I don’t know shit about nor use that person to drum up traffic to my site and whatever you do don’t nominate me for one of these awards. If you want to recognize me you can mention me on your blog and then your 5000 followers can know who the hell I am and I can get some easy publicity and you have done me a solid favor and all is good.

Am I the only one who thinks these awards are just pyramid schemes without money? If I want to recognize a writer, and I have, then I will just give them a shoutout on my own blog and my readers will be exposed to that writer. That writer benefits by the exposure and I have done that person a solid good deed without getting anything back in return.  When you want to honor somebody isn’t the true spirit of that supposed to be that you want nothing in return? Doesn’t it feel like that by asking somebody to recognize you on their blog and give you a shout out so that you are exposed to their 5000 followers or what not more of a benefit to you than to the blogger being awarded? Then that blogger has to nominate 5-10 bloggers for the award who in turn will mention him/her and that blogger then gets publicity on those peoples blogs. Does anybody remember the old chain mail schemes? This sounds exactly like that scheme. No money is being exchanged so I am not saying that it is illegal, it most definitely is not but it sure as fuck is schemey. If that’s a word.

So with that in mind the Liebster award goes to….Fucking nobody.


5 thoughts on “And the Liebster award goes to…..

  1. Lol, I completely agree with you! They are more or less designed to drive up blog traffic. Once thing I’ve noticed is that ‘popular’ blogs don’t really do them, but they still get nominated (because they’re popular) so… yeah, I think I’ll stick to nobody knowing who I am or who Liebster is, lol!


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