Tell me what you see

Life is all about perspective. So much of how we percieve life, whether things are fair or unfair depends on what we choose to see. What we often fail to see is that we have more than 1 choice in terms of how we percieve a situation.

The topic came up today when my fiance mentioned the re-shooting of the movie All the Money in the World. It turns out that Mark Wahlberg made 1$ million dollars to re-shoot the scenes while Michelle Williams made 80$ a day per diem to do the same.

To many the knee jerk reaction is to cry gender descrimination. But that reaction only comes if you choose to see them first and foremost as a male and a female. Personally I primarily see Wahlberg as a huge box office draw and Williams not so much. In my mind that explains the wage gap. The choices of how I see things are endless. From a sheer talent perspective I think Williams acts circles around Wahlberg. Wahlberg is a very good actor but Williams is an elite actor. Or i could choose to see Mark Wahlberg as short or i could define him as a sex symbol or i could define Williams as a platinum blonde or as second fiddle to bigger stars. How i view the situation is all a matter of perspective.

My best sport is long distance running. I have ran 10k 5k half marathons and even an ultramarathon. One time i was looking at results for a major marathon and noticed the winner made 50,000dollars for the race. Then i realized a mediocre nfl quarterback will make 8million a year for a 16game season. That’s 500 thousand a game. Doesnt seem fair does it? In both instances i am talking about men. The difference is the amount of money generated by the two sports. The Nfl generates crazy amounts of revenue. Aint nobody paying 5,000 to watch the new york city marathon. You watch it for free. But people will pay that much for a chance to watch the Supet bowl.

You see Michelle Williams is like the elite marathon runner. Yes, she may be better at what she does but Mark Wahlberg is the money generator. People are paying to watch him, fair or not, thats the way it is. Track the revenue generated by wahlberg movies such as transformers and track the money made by the greatest showman. Williams makes better movies Wahlberg makes money.

This is the lesson of life. Whenever something seems unfair assume it is fair and then look to see how it is in fact fair. You might surprise yourself.

3 thoughts on “Tell me what you see

  1. Fair enough but paying her less than 1% of what he got is terrible no matter how you look at it. Especially when you consider that they’re represented by the same agency. Mark Wahlberg can always negotiate performance based bonuses because of his box office appeal or whatever but they should at least be paid the same base salary for doing the same thing.

    I don’t think the marathon/NFL comparison works because they’re two completely different sports with different audiences. Whereas both actors are in the same industry doing the same thing and are in the same movie that will be watched by the same audience. There’s no decent reason why one should be paid millions more than the other.


    1. hi snark. right after I wrote the blog I did some research and I noticed that they had the same agent. Thought it was weird that the agent didn’t work out a better deal for Williams. I probably could have worked out a better comparison than the nfl and running because you are right the market is the same. I am still okay with a price discrepancy but the disparity is schockingly too large. I found out Wahlberg actually got 1.5million for the re-shoot.

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      1. The same agent didn’t work out a better deal because 10% of what Marky Mark got is more than what Michelle Williams would get plus, like you say he’s more bankable and will make them more money. I disagree with price discrepancies because it’s not just a matter of Hollywood – it’s everywhere. In every industry. What’s the argument for male engineers being paid more than female engineers (just using this is an example)? There isn’t one that I would deem acceptable.


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