Star wars Jokes-Special Asperger’s Edition

When is star wars day?

May the 4th be with you

what does a jedi drink?

Yoda pop

Where does Vader shop?

At darth Mall

If star wars characters were porn stars

Han(job) solo-gay porn

Princess Lay Me

Obi Wan Ka blow me(gay or straight porn can’t decide)

Jaba the Slutt


Kit Fisto(oh wait that is an actual character)

Droopy McCool(wait  that’s real too)

Po Nudo (jesus that’s an actual name too)

Captain Punani(captain Panaka phantom Menace)

Okay back to better jokes

Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files

adobe wan kenobi

why did annakin skywalker cross the road?

To get to the dark side

Why is yoda such a good gardener?

because he has a green thumb

And why can’t you count on him to pick up the tab?

because he is always a little short.

Alright that’s all. The dirty ones were pretty much all me but princess lay me has been around for years. Figured my fellow aspies would get a kick out of the word play for those. Actually I think the whole thing is pretty much catering to us aspies.



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