There’s no way in Hell you will see this when the new version of A Christmas story airs live on Fox on the 17th

I admit it, cranky old me actually woke up in a good mood today. Watch out it usually gets wacky when that happens. I decided it would be a good day but now it’s really going to be a good day. I just found out that the old classic movie “A Christmas story” is going to be done live on Fox on the 17th. I must must see this version of it. There are some years where we turn on TBS and just leave this movie on all day so we can catch glimpses of it throughout the day. It is so classic. It seems like every 10 minutes there is a classic scene where you go “hey, this is the part where..” I particularly like the part where the bowling ball gets dropped on his lap and in a high pitch voice he says “thanks.” And who can forget when the neighbors dogs eat all of the Christmas turkey and he yells “sons of bitches, bumpasses!!! My friend used to always randomly say that when we were growing up. And of course the son of a bitchin dogs eating the turkey leads to the ultimate classic of all classic scenes, dinner at the chineese restaurant!

I know, I know, it’s politically incorrect I am not supposed to laugh anymore. But God that is so classic when the Chineese men start singing Christmas songs. “deck the harrs with bows of Hawrie, Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra ra, tis the season to be JAwrie…. Oh the shit we used to get away with in society. I can guarantee you with no knowledge of the script today that there is no way in Hell that they are going to re-enact that scene. I’m wondering if they will catch shit for giving that kid a B.B gun. “You can’t have a gun, you’ll shoot up an entire schoolyard of kids. You’ll shoot 40 eyes out.” Too much? Is it still okay for him to beat the shit out of the big bully? Or does he have to rat him out to the principal instead? I don’t know so much has changed in the last 35 years. Is the bully going to be a ginger? Or is that ginger bias? Very interested to see what happens. I can probably deal with anything they throw at us but do not absolutely do not make those poor kids eat Kale. Oh yes and “FUUUUUUUUUUDGE” they have to work that in there somewhere.

So what’s your favorite scene from “A Christmas story”? Will you watch this on Sunday? Any other classics you would like to see remade?

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