Homemade food at a restaurant what the @#$%?

Happy day everybody. Welcome to another edition of random musings.  So yesterday Doug Jones won the senate race yesterday. One of the things I heard a commentator say was that he is not a politician and people liked that. Wasn’t that part of the appeal of Donald Trump? I criticized it when he was elected and I will continue to criticize that way of thinking now. The next time we need our car fixed I will hire a baker to do the job because you know I don’t like mechanics, they’re kind of sleazy. What the fuck way of thinking is that? Call me an idiot but why do you think a non politician makes a good politician? Do people have no respect for the skills it takes to be a politician? I think people who cut and style hair for a living get the same kind of disrespect. I mean, nobody thinks they are assholes or anything but everybody thinks that they can cut hair as good as the pros. That trade gets no love.

Trades that get no love. That’s a good thing. Cooks and or chefs. I always think people should get offended when they bring a dish to party and somebody asks for the recipe. Oh that was great, can I have the recipe? I personally get a bit offended. Look bitch, I’m a better cook than you, the food is not why it is good it’s good because I know what the fuck I am doing. Truth be told, I’m a very good baker, but lousy when it comes to other aspects of cooking. Like you ever notice how you go to a restaurant and they always want to tell you, oh this is homemade soup, I’m like fuck that I want professional grade made in a fancy professional kitchen with professional cooks and top quality food. If homemade was that great don’t you think I would be you know, at home. And why do I want food that you made at home and then brought all the way over to the restaurant that was sitting in your car for I don’t know how long and then re-heated in some microwave at work. You have a nice kitchen in your restaurant and you are serving me shit you made at home? You’re an idiot and I will not patronize your restaurant. Utilize your kitchen!

Let me think. What other trades get no love? I think doctors get no respect for what they do. You ever notice how people are always giving you medical advice when you have an ailment? You ever notice how people are always disagreeing with the instructions on prescriptions? Oh it doesn’t work if you take 2 a day like it says I take 8 a day. Right, what the fuck do they know? people went to college for 8 years to study medicine got a degree on their wall have been practicing medicine for 15 years, see 60 patients a week and you ended up in rehab 4 times for drug addiction but yes you’re the expert and your doctor knows shit. I get it. You read a 5 minute article in a magazine and you’re giving medical advice to everybody you know all of a sudden. I tell you, doctors get no love. don’t get me started on how peoplee complain about them being overpaid. I really don’t want doctor to be a minimum wage job when I’m coming in for having a heart attack. Hey MCdoctor after you clean the grease off your hands from the french fries you were slinging on your other job take a look at this guy I think he had a heart attack. Oh hell no! Freaking know it alls, I am an opinionated asshole but at least I respect professionals.

So anybody else know if any other trades that get no respect. Trades, where everybody thinks they can do it. Like who cares if that person has been doing this 5 days a week for the last 20 years I can do it just as well as they can?

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