Random musings of an alcoholic December 11th version

Okay so I can’t get the jeffrey Dahmer movie out of my head. It’s call my friend Dahmer and is about jeffrey Dahmer’s senior year of high school as written by a guy who now has a comic book about his friendship with him in High school.  During the movie there is a scene where his family is complaining to mom about the undercooked chicken she made and she says “new house rule. From now on, we eat our mistakes.” I was the only one in the theater who said “oh shit.”

There was also a scene in the movie where Jeffrey Dahmer who was not in any social clubs convinces the school photographer to put him in every single club picture. I again was the only one who laughed out loud at the suggestion. I think people are like “oh fuck no, I can’t laugh at something a serial killer said. What will people think of me?”

By the way many years ago Jeremy Renner did a movie where he played Dahmer. It was a hit at sundance film festival and is the movie that propelled his career.

Keep an eye out for the name Alexx wolf who plays Dahmer’s friend. He is a future star.

Today’s topic was humility. Humility is the ability to see yourself not as how you would like to be but as how you really are.

I would like to tell a vegetable joke. But it’s corny.

Two more great movies to see this year. The post and the shape of water.






7 thoughts on “Random musings of an alcoholic December 11th version

    1. i remembered that youhave spoke about your daughter that has spina biffida so i need to warn you that on many occasions in this movie dahmer mimics a person with cerebral palsy and mimics having seizures in order to get laughs. It is the bizarre behavior i was referencing earlier. I was terribly uncomfortable watching it and i cant imagine how off putting that may be for you


    1. yes. I find the science of profiling tobe fascinating as well. Good movie though disturbing at time this movie is not pc lots of homophobics slurs and immature mocking of cerebral palsy.


  1. Yeah sarah that yearbook photo thing was classic. The whole movie points outthese things he would do which suggest he was attention seeking. Like the whole thing was this ball of depravity bad home situation repression and loneliness which all came to a nasty conclusion. somebody was having fun when they wrote the eat our mistakes line.


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