Okay I figure I will do a quick one before I go. My stomach is starting to growl at me so I need to take care of business. I will come up with 5 things that are positive about today. I challenge you to do the same and share them with somebody, even me if you would like.

  1. It is not as cold as I thought it would. December tends to be the 1 month out of the year that I actually complain about it being cold. The rest of the year is very good so all in all I have it good. Today however once 8am rolled around I was not feeling very cold. So that is a positive.
  2. I can skip working out today if I want to. I have a pretty strict schedule about working out where I make sure that I run at least 4 times a week. If I can get in a 5th that’s great as well. As my workout week runs Monday through Sunday I have already worked out twice this week, on Monday and on Wednesday so I will still be doing alright if I pass today and run tomorrow.
  3. Leftover lasagna. Yes we bought Lasagna on Sunday and there is still plenty left for me to eat today. Pop it in the microwave for 95 seconds and I will be good to go. I knew it was a good idea to eat that salad yesterday.
  4. We found a secretary for the 7am Thursday meeting. I came in today and we finally found ourselves somebody to take over the Thursday 7am. For some reason all of the secretaries just started abandoning their meetings all at once for one reason or another so we have been in flux. This will provide us with some stability.
  5. Only 1 thing on the Hunny do list for today. I have to look for the bill for the property taxes. That’s much better than cleaning dog piss and mopping.

4 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. Where do you live abouts? Where I live, it is decent in December and then January and February are normally the coldest time of the year, also the snowiest and most ice. lol Contrary to belief, the first day in winter is very late in December most of the time. The Astronomical Calender is what like considers the seasons and this year winter will start on December 21st. Winter isn’t even hear yet, it’s technically still fall apparently. xD


      1. Oh…Cali so more temperate weather then. I use to live on the west coast and I miss the more temperate weather. haha


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