God likes nice people

Okay I have said this before but I think it’s an awesome line because of its wackiness so I will say it again. “Be nice, until it’s time not to be nice.” The immortal, no wait, he fucking died, the not so immortal Patrick Swayze said that line in the movie Road house. So every once in awhile I have to remind myself that I should just be nice. In the past I have named a few bloggers who I am fond of reading and I think it’s time I do so again. Mostly I read the same 6-7 people on the daily an then occasionally pop over to some other favorites. But I will mention some new finds to spread the love.

So recently I found two new bloggers that I think are worth a good mention. the first one is Insomnia Girl. This is a humor blog and she uses a format to get her sense of humor out there. She will do a dialogue between herself and what she calls VIT which stands for Very important Thoughts. the things that keep her up late at night. the last bit was a hilarious one about serial killers going after people with nut allergies. I think it’s hilarious and that pretty much gives you an idea of the wonderful zaniness you can expect from her.

The next one is called Swiped out. This is about the dating experiences of a 30 something in Vegas. She is quite an excellent writer. I am not highly familiar with her work as I read just one post so far but her talent clearly stands out. I think a lot of people will get a lot of joy out of reading about her personal experiences and reading her insights. She really writes at a professional level. And guys, she is freaking gorgeous, so there’s that.

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