Joke Time(completely original and equally as bad)

Why not kick it off with some of my very own home made jokes and humor.

I wonder what crickets hear when they tell a bad joke?

I was going to tell a michael jackson joke, but it’s BAD

damn, just heard the crickets!

What do you call a music group of married men?


Did you hear about Prince’s retail store?

Everything is 1999

I visited Bono’s store and told my friend my about it. He said U2?

Why did the rabbit get detention?

He said he wanted a Hare cut

Who’s the opening act for Ke$ha?


What do you get when cross a killer shark with St. Nick?

Santa Jaws

Who is santa’s favorite singer?

Elvish Presley

What do you call a woman who is fond of bad weather?

A rain dear

Okay, this one is a bit racy. What do you get when you cross a frog, a duck, an elephant and a rhino?


Did you hear the one about the deer investor?

he’ll teach you how to make a lot of doe

Let me know how I did and please feel free to comment with your own home made joke




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