Random Musings for the day

Am I the only one who gets a kick out of saying that the biggest movie in the world is a war movie put out by Disney? I’m sorry but that never gets old for me.

The best tv show nobody seems to ever talk about is Mom. This is a show about an alcoholic mother and daughter starring Allison Janney and Anna faris. I go to AA meetings 6 times a week and nobody there has ever mentioned it.

Is today unofficial ugly sweater day? I am seeing them all over the place today.

Not that I like deer testicles but man could I use a donut right now.

Is it weird that two of the aa members in my group went for a walk to smoke a joint today?

Why do we park in the driveway and drive in the parkway?

Does it seem coincidental to you that wonder woman has been played by a legit beauty queen both in the 70’s and now?

I would like the next great actress to be ugly as hell. I’m sure ugly people are just as capable of acting as beautiful people.

Best movie out right now is 3 billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri

At my AA meeting somebody joked, hey I think somebody grabbed my ass to which I replied “matt lauer isn’t here”

Best movie you’ve never heard of this year is Maudie. It may garner an academy award nomination for Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke was very effective in his role as well.

Best idea for a restaurant that nobody has the guts to implement- The half you can eat buffet- Like the all you can eat but you’re only allowed to eat half of what you are capable of eating.

2nd best idea for a restaurant that nobody has the guts to implement-Calling a non chineese restaurant by a name like the Golden Buddha. People walk in and hamburgers are on the menu.

I crack myself up and that’s what counts.

If life is short why do we get grey hair?

Why does Al roker dress like Mr potato head?

If you combined John Lennon and Matt Lauer and they wrote a song “imagine, all the peep holes, it’s easy if you try….

On the real though the whole world will stop when Paul Mccartney dies

Looking forward to seeing the Hugh Jackman movie where he plays P.T. Barnum, the Greatest Showman

I still can’t figure out why the world gives a rats ass about who the royals marry

Do I have to say it? Prince Harry has crappy hair

And one last thing, when life gives you lemons sell them to your neighbor for a few bucks.






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