Oh yeah sobriety

Now that I have been at the library some 40 minutes I think I am finally ready to write a post about sobriety which was my original idea for this blog. To add a little variety and keep my imagination going I do like to  do little side projects like my jokes or interesting stories from my past. Sometimes I feel like the topics that come to my mind are ones that I have addressed to some extent in my past posts so I get hesitant to broach them in full. Although I have done a post which list specific prayers I will actually discuss my thoughts on prayer.

In AA we are very big on finding an identifying a higher power. We don’t really care if you are catholic,protestant,mormon,Jehovah’s witness or just a guy without a religion who believes in God. But we do believe that it is best to turn your life over to another entity what we call the higher power so that can be the good driving force behind you life. That will be our focus today.

Sometimes in meetings I will talk about prayer and then realize that there are Atheists or agnostics in the room. Whenever I am in this situation I like to explain prayer like this. When I was a kid there were these cartoons and Jiminy cricket would be on this guys shoulders and he was his conscience. He would always get in the guys ear and let him know what the right thing to do it. To me God is like my Jiminy cricket.

I don’t ask God to snap his fingers and make things happen for me. I don’t ask for jobs to fall in my lap or even for people’s health to get changed. What I do ask for is simply guidance. If somebody is gravely ill I ask for the strength to deal with situation. I ask for the person to be at peace, I ask for God’s guidance in a situation. I ask that I have the strength to do God’s will, the grace to handle things with dignity and courage to face adversity. I pray that all parties involved especially family handle the situation the best they can.

I don’t believe that God is there to snap his fingers and magically change physical things or outcomes. But I do believe God is there to guide us in our difficult situations, to give us grace, to give us wisdom to give us peace of heart.

I also believe that we should allow God to talk to us more then we talk to God. Who benefits more? Does God benefit more if we talk to him? Or do we benefit more if we listen to him? If I spend 10 minutes in prayer I feel I am better off if I listen for 8minutes and speak for 2. What can we tell God that he will learn from? What can God tell us that we can learn from?

I hope you ponder these questions and are blessed with some insightful answers.

3 thoughts on “Oh yeah sobriety

  1. An insightful platform to speak so freely on what AA & prayer mean to you. I especially enjoy how you refer to Jiminy Cricket, nicely done.
    I have a suggestion to increase your followers to check you out and read more about your journey. Please check out “The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch.” We share ideas on how to increase your following, as well as writing techniques. Your voice is worth being heard.


    1. thanks so much Becky. It has always been in the back of my mind that I want to increase my readership. My first priority was to just write write write. I knew by doing that I would re-find my style and the most posts I did the better I would become at showing my true authentic voice. But now I feel like it is time for me to take the next step and learn how to gain an audience. I will check out “The perfectly Imperfect Bunch and thanks for the encouragement.

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