The one with the gratitude list

Alright, so I’ll do a short one about gratitude today. I was kind of mulling over what to write about and although I have done a gratitude post on here before it has been awhile and I don’t think it’s a bad idea to use this topic on more than one occasion.

So today here is what I am grateful for

I am grateful that today if somebody asks me what I am grateful for I don’t have to make stuff up so nobody realizes that I am actually not grateful for anything. In the past at Thanksgiving people would ask me what I was thankful for and the honest answer was that I was not thankful for anything. I would lie because I didn’t want to look like an asshole. that is the God’s honest truth. I would just say the typical stuff like I was thankful for the food and my family and a nice day when in reality I was one entitled person who thought that everything he had he was supposed to have.

I am thankful for a drama free life. I make good decisions today. These decisions lead to stability and when there is a rough patch ahead I do the right thing so a little turbulence doesn’t turn into full scale turmoil. And by good decisions that also means picking a good life partner. Sometimes we have a rocky life and we have the convenience of playing the victim card because we chose a shitty partner which kind of allows us to live in drama without having to take responsibility for it. You get to point the fingers at your partner and say it’s his fault, it’s her fault and nobody sees that you chose that partner. I intentionally chose a drama free partner and she chose me because we were done with making bad life choices.

I am thankful that I have finally learned to communicate my feelings in a healthy way with my partner. I kind of got spooked by something she said the other day and my initial reaction was a bit of trepidation. Without pointing fingers at her and blaming her for my feelings or trying to make her feel bad I calmly explained my feelings let her know my fear and also let her know she did nothing wrong and I would be willing to to encounter the fear and walk through it. What could have turned into a major argument was settles quickly without hurt feelings.

I am thankful for the leadership my partner provides. Saturday she had us paint rocks and then on Sunday we walked around the neighborhood early in the morning and discreetly put them on peoples lawns or on church property or in their bark as a way of quietly giving back with acknowledgement. She is showing me that you can’t always do things for yourself and you have to put back into the Universe good things and often you need to do it without the beneficiary knowing who did it.

Anyhow that is enough for today. Have a good day.


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