Joke time

Happy Monday everybody. Joke time is one of my stalling techniques I use to get the creative juices going while at the keyboard at the library. At one time the library was a place were there were thousands of books that  used to get picked up and read and taken home and then brought back for the next person to enjoy. Now the library is a place for the computerless and the homeless or homeless computers that don’t wanna feel useless. If you are quiet enough you can walk past the biography section of the library and hear a book whisper “hey, asshole, pick me up, i’m called a book, i like my pages flipped and bent and caressed. I’m not picky, read me please!” Wow, I’m behind on my medications. Anyhow back to joke time.

What do you call a Mexican with a big vocabulary?

A 10,000 word S.A.

What did the Mexican firefighter name his twin sons?

Jose and Hose B

I went to a party and I saw some tortilla chips and next to the bowl of chips was some melted cheese. I said to myself I would like to put some of that melted cheese on my chips so I went to spoon some on my chips and a guy said to me “You can’t have that cheese.” I asked why not and he said “Because that’s NACHO cheese.”

A Mexican magician tells his audience he is going to disappear on a count of 3. He says “uno,dos,” and then disappeared without a tres.


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