More AA plaques

Awhile ago I did a post of my favorite AA plaques. If you have ever been to an AA meeting changes are you have seen several plaques in the hall with short slogans meant as both guidance and inspiration. Some rooms will have possibly just 5 or 6 and others may have 40 different sayings on the wall depending on the personality of the fellowship. Every fellowship I have been to has it’s own personality to it. I have been to warstory fellowships, ones that tend to dwell in the past and tell stories about their worst drunken episodes and consequences. I personally, never liked that type of ellowship but to each his own. There are step fellowships, ones where you will hear a lot of talk in the meetings about getting a sponsor and working the steps. Those seem to be really effective, getting right into the solution. There are service fellowships, ones where a predominant number of people talk about volunteering to clean up,serving cofee,secretaring a meeting,chairing a meeting,driving people to meetings and so forth. And one particular fellow I went to was a slogan fellowship. There must have been 40 different tiles on the wall that were painted with slogans.


Here are 10 quick slogans or as I like to call them plaques because you often see them on plaques at a meeging:

We are only as sick as our secrets.

There are no coincidences in A.A..

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

One day at a time

Live and let live

First things first

But for the grace of God

Think think think

Hang around till it happens

Keep coming back

One a personal note One day at a time was the trickiest one for me in early recovery. I used to mock the shit out of it because I didn’t understand it. I would sarcastically say things like “as opposed to 9 days at a time” Over the course of time I have learned how to apply that statement to my life. I can’t say that I truly understand what it means because I think it takes on different meanings to different people but I can say that I know what it means to me and that is good enough.


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