Holy @#$% I discovered a new trick

Good Monday everybody,

I am at the library per usual enjoying my 2 hours of computer time figuring out what I am going to write. First I read a few posts say my hellos, if your post was wack I just say nothing and nobody is any wiser. This is my warm up post. The post I write just to get the creative juices flowing before I delve into something more topical.

I am one of those guys you might call a pacadermophile, in other words I love talking about the elephant in the room. So the heck with it here it goes. I have noticed that many bloggers will use certain tools or tricks if you will to get people to read their posts. The most popular one seems to be the “this is how you get people to read your blog” title. It is worded in various ways. They may have a number like the 7 tips or 9 tips or whatever or they may have something more general like writing tips to get you more followers. It’s a pretty simple concept and frankly since I have like 45 followers I would be an asshole to employ that trick. But if you can back it up and you have the followers then by all means do it. I get it. We want to be read and we will do it every so often to keep the readership up. Why not say it out in the open? Some people I have read are pretty open about it which is awesome. I pay attention to what is going on because I too strive for readerships so I’m not complaining just explaining. Basically you play to peoples vanity. They want to be noticed more and you tell them how to get noticed. The easiest way to make money is to write a book telling people how to make money. Or become a hooker.

Anyways, a light just went off in my head today. I discovered a new way to get people to read my stuff. The community pool. Who fucking knew? Well from the reading I did today a lot of people. Don’t get me wrong I have known about this for awhile now. I will go in there and read people and often leave a post but today I learned something new about it. I always thought the community pool was written by the daily post exclusively. I thought it was their thing. That site is banging, I go in there and twelve hours after their post they have like 1200 comments on there and they close down the comments section when it gets too full. Today I went to it and I noticed there were like 6 different people who did community pool posts. I was blown away. And they all show pictures of a pool. Not one shows a picture of a girl in a bikini at a pool or a guy in a speedo at a pool or a bunch of dogs in a pool or a pool of blood just an empty pool and 3 of them use the exact same picture and two of them even have the exact same intro. Like this absolutely blows me away. This reminds me of when I go to the supermarket and see the cookie called giro. In the states we have a dessert cookie sandwich called oreo they have two black soft cookies on the outside and a white cream icing filling on the inside. Four letter word, black white combination, white icing on the inside small snack you can eat like 20 of them at a shot. Then if you go to the mexican section they have giro four letter word, black white combination, black cookie white filling same size you can eat like 20 of them at a shot. Same fucking thing. I actually taste tested both of them and the overall quality was about the same.The oreo had a better cookie but the giro had a better filling and Giro is cheaper so if filling is your thing get the giro if cookie is your thing get the oreo. Anyhow, genius concept right, take somebody elses idea and use it for yourself. I never knew we could do that here. If it were the super market the original product would be called community pool and the replica would be called neighborhood swim but here it’s like fuck it why bother changing the name or the picture or the intro you don’t even have to change the name like the giro and the oreo. I would have never thought of that in all my years. I would have though of a similar idea but I would have called it something different I would have used a different picture or none at all and my first few lines would look nothing like the original but that is me. That’s all for now.

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