Surefire Way to not get a like on your post

Okay so sometimes to get off my butt and start writing I will just pick some random topic and go with it. Anything to get words coming out to jumpstart the writing process. Today we are exploring weird shit I think about when reading peoples blogs.

This is one of those topics that will be fun if people play along and comment their own thoughts when its over so please do. I am what you might call a like monger. I like to comment on peoples blogs and hit the like star. Sometimes I just hit the like star as a way of saying hello i read your post. If I have nothing to say then i dont comment.  its like passing somebody on the street and waving at them rathet than just walking on by.

So keeping this in mind sometimes it gets awkward right. Like what if a person writes a story about jared the sandwich guy being a pedophile? Maybe its a well written story and the person did a great job. You think i should hit the like star and you go to do it and then you think oh shit i cant like a story about a sex offender that makes me look creepy. I mean seriously whats to like about it right. Or how about when somebody writes a post about something very personal and disturbing. They write that they are depressed and they wont leave the house and everybody is a bunch of assholes andwhat not. I mean what am i supposed to do hit the like star and be like yeah your life is fucked that is great? Or how about when you read a post titled “fatal car crash 6injured 2 dead”? I mean what kind of asshole does that make me look like if i hit the like star. Am i right? Anybody else relate to this?

Don’t get me wrong i love being a peeping tom into your personal lives. I love reading personal blogs about the tough moments of life. I think its good for us bloggers to open up. I honestly do. Just sometimes i think its best that i read somebodys post and move on out of respect for that person like what they shared was so personal that its not my place to intrude right.

And yes i call it the like star.


5 thoughts on “Surefire Way to not get a like on your post

  1. I have this same dilemma! Things like someone dying and accidents, I don’t like. If it’s someone writing about death or their own accident and offering their take on it as opposed to just reporting it, I will like it depending on whether or not I found their content to be good. Sometimes, I like things just to say hello I’ve read your post – like you do. Most of the time I like in lieu of commenting because I’m really weird about comments sometimes. Might as well save myself the half an hour it’ll take me to reword and delete things before giving up and leaving it at the like star. 😂


  2. I know it says “like” right by it, but I always think that “liking” a post is just a way of people acknowledging that they dropped by (not that I post much of anything that isn’t fun and light, but if I did, that’s how I would view it).


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