Why its easier for a follower to get sober than a leader

Everybody always says the world needs good leaders but nobody seems to recognize that for every leader we need about 20 good followers. So with that in mind only just under 5% of the world or 1 in 21 needs to be a leader. I am not a leader and I am okay with that. Here is an experiment for you: ask 20 people randomly if they are a leader or a follower and ill bet you the number of leaders is greatly disproportional to what it needs to be. This brings me to my topic.

At one of my meetings there was this guy who is a chronic relapser. Basically his current cycle is this; he stays sober for a bit his company goes well he helps others financially finds himself being of service stops going to meetings and then comes back a few weeks later with a tale of a relapse. What is going on here?

After listening to D for a few years now I realized one of his problems is that he is his own boss. He owns his own company had a wife has a great dog has his own house has good looks a charming personality is physically strong and is a hot girl magnet. So whats the problem?

There is a saying in the bible that sums this up. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. This doesnt mean rich people are lowlifes it means its hard for successful people to put their faith anywhere outside of themselves. Because they are successful their flaw is an ability to go outside of themselves for guidance. This is D’s problem. Ultimately he wont listen to our suggestions and ultimately his successes make him think he can manage this because why not he has had the women the cars the dog etc .

Maybe this is why I have been blessed with sobriety. Because it is not above me to ask somebody else for a better way. I have no problem admitting my weaknesses. The best way to be honest about your weaknesses is to recognize your strenghts. The best leaders are sef confident. They know their strength and this selfassuredness allows them to be comfortable ackowleding their deficiencies. My fiance is a leader. She is an executive director of a nonprofit and she taught me that her sucess strategy is to surround herself with people smarter than her. It takes real confidence to intentionally do that. So are you a follower? Have you picked a good leader? Or are you a leader and are you leading others to the water or leaving them thirsty? My name is Danny I am a follower and I picked a damn good leader.


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