Celebrity Jokes

So I decided I am just going to write whatever entertaining stuff I come up with during the day. You know, keep the creativity flowing. And believe it or not I came up with a couple of Michael Jackson jokes on my way towards finding breakfast this morning. One I came up with before the others are new. So let me try them out on you and let me know if they work for you.

Did you heard how Michael Jackson won the poker tournament? With Jackson Fives

Hello Michael, how are you? I’m bad

I would like to learn more about Michael Jackson. It should be as easy as ABC 123

I won’t tell any off color Michael jokes. I’ll keep it black and white.

Michael thought somebody broke into his house. But he was just looking at the man in the mirror.

Okay, that’s it and I didn’t even bother looking up any Michael jokes. I made them up all on my own.Yeah for me, I am hilarious. Ciao


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