Things I learned at AA today

On my way over here I was thinking about what I got out of the meeting today. By the time I got to the library I had already formulated the basis for a 400 word blog in my head. But then, I got here and as I often do I kind of drifted off and my creative side went in another direction.

Sometimes I am just ready to delve into deep thought. I like to play around at the computer a while. I like to procrastinate and read other bloggers first. They often motivate me and provide me with ideas for content. It is great to read before writing. Unless you are really pushed for time because the distractions can be time consuming.

Today I actually learned quite a bit at the 7am AA meeting today. Which is great because there are days when I am feel like I am just going through the motions. As a runner you might call this a maintenance day. You go because you need to go although it might not feel that great you do it because you know it makes you stronger. You know it prepares you for bigger things. You might schedule 6 runs a week 4 of which are just straight 7 mile days 1 day is a speed day also of similar length and then the 6th day a long day. Maintenance days are scheduled in running but not in real life. You can’t just decide to run 1 day week and have it be a 15 miler. Doesn’t work that way. You want big things, you put in the work.

Okay, so what did I learn today. Here we go:

  1. I learned how toxic resentments towards others arer. They stay with us for years and that hate becomes a way of life for us.
  2.  I learned that my biggest resentments are towards my self. These self resentments lead me to act out on innocent people. If you walk around with anger you show anger and you will attract anger.
  3.  I learned Jackie needs to get laid. I know, I know, what you see here what you here here stays here. I am using a pseudonym and nobody knows where this meeting is and he didn’t exactly use those words. But man, he is talking about it a lot lately.
  4.  I learned that a lot of guys miss sex but don’t actually miss what it takes to be in a relationship. The smart ones realize this and just stay away from women until they are ready because they don’t want to hurt themselves or others.
  5. Give your worries to God. In short giving my worries over to myself hasn’t been very helpful lately, or ever, but God is much better equipped to handle things than I am.

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