Random thoughts of the day

Hi everybody. I hope you are all having a good day. I am glad to have another day sober and am glad to be making peace with my past. I used to walk around with so much anger. It is leaving me day by day. The constant AA meetings help alot as I always do well when I am in the presence of hope and good direction.

Okay now onto some random fun thoughts.

I watched the old school Charlie and the Chocolate factory this week. Here are some of my thoughts:

If Trump had midget kids I now know what they would like look.

If this movie were made today it would be called Charlie and the Organic Chocolate factory

They might also call it Charlie and the Kale chip factory

They wouldn’t be able to hand out golden tickets because it would be considered culture appropriation of gold miners.

Today the kids would show up at the factory and ask for gluten free chocolate

The KKK would protest because there was no “white chocolate” portrayed in the movie.

I would put Eddie Murphy in a remake so he could eat sexual chocolate

If you have any funny one liners to add to this please comment and let me know.


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