More Bloggers for you to check out

My fiance has this tradition of hers on Friday where it is thank you Friday and she will graciously list a few people or things that she is grateful for. This inspired me to decide that maybe as Patrick Swayze once said “Be nice. Until it’s time not to be nice.” That’s from roadhouse and I think I will use that line every chance I get. So last week I picked out 5my favorite bloggers to read for the week. This week I do something similar because if I picked my 5 favorite every week I would not only miss out on some that deserve a shout out but I would the list would become very repetitive.

So this week I will highlight 4 blogs, one I have been reading for awhile and the other 3 are new to me.

  1. National Day calendar.This is a new find to me. I like it because it is whimsical and there are typically a few days to choose from each day. For instance today is National sandwich day and it is also National cliche day. Plus it just takes seconds and you move on to another post.
  2. Bonnywood Manor- I have been reading Brian’s blog for some time now actually. My favorite theme of his is what he calls past imperfect where he shows you a picture from an old hollywood classic and then writes up an imaginary dialogue between the actors-kind of like when I was a kid and I would watch cheesy horror movies with the sound off and make up my own dialgoue.
  3. Hoarding Words-this is full of poetry. Some are short and sweet and easy to digest. Others are more lengthy and the lengthy ones are where she really shows her immense vocabulary and her abilities as a wordsmith. Inspires me to be a bit more thoughtful with my writing. I just found this site this week.
  4. Wordly Redhead- A 20 something female trying to find her way through life. I remember how seminal those years were for me. I love the twenties it’s where you are starting to realize who you are and what you stand for and your idealism is at its peak. Yeah,yeah, I like redheads as well. they are my kryptonite.

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