The time I had it out with God for my Gay lifestyle

We live in a much more liberal world than the one I grew up in. I was born in the early 70’s a decade before political correctness crept into our vocabulary. Hating on people for things such as their social status their race or their sexual identity was pretty much a fact of life. If you watch movies that accurately portray kids in the 70’s or 80’s for that matter you will see the word “fag” or faggott” used as a derisive term a staggeringly amount of times. Derrogatory words against gays were the norm and it was widely accepted to use these terms in our movie. Cocksucker was another term that was used widely.  Pardon my vulgarity, I am just trying to set the tone for the world I grew up in.

I was raised by a liberal father and a very conservative mother and my mother influenced us to go to church. My dad not wanting to stir up the pot went along with it even though he would best be described as agnostic. I was taught that homosexuality was a sin. And for whatever reason conservative Christians tend to be really hard on(no pun intended) sexual sins. For some reason being a liar or a thief or violent is redeemable but masturbation was really shameful as was pre-marital sex but amongst pre-marital sex gay sex was really unforgivable. Moses laid out some pretty harsh laws in the book of Leviticus and I once counted that there were 27 different sins that were punishable by the death penalty. This guy made Newt gingrich look like Bernie Sanders he was so darn conservative and Draconian. I guess the conservatives take their lead from Moses because many of the sins that warrant the death penalty are sex based not just homosexuality but also specifically being the daughter of a preacher and turning to prostitution. Also beastiality and sleeping with another man’s wife. There are so many but you get the point read Leviticus if you are interested in knowing more. My point is that maybe there shouldn’t be 27 different sins punishable by the death penalty especially being a medium and perhaps we should look at human behavior with a more modern pair of eyes.

For the sake of argument let’s say that God indeed is against homosexuality. I have no idea why he would be but let’s say him and I disagree on the matter. Let’s say it is a sin, the bible specifically states that we are not to hate one another. We are never taught to hate sinners or have hatred in our heart. This is discussed outright in the bible. As far as the penalties we can all agree that the standards or punishment laid out in leviticus are no longer acceptable in today’s society. If we are all honest we can also admit that many things we were once forbidden to do we have decided are obsolote and we ignore many of the Levitical commandments namely that Moses forbid us to eat pork. He also forbid us to work on Sunday and also forbid us to wear cloth made from two different kinds of plants. We are also forbidden to touch dead bodies. And there is a law that you be cut off from your people for the day if you had an emission of semen. Moralities change over the course of generations. By the way Donald Trump should read the leviticus scripture that specifically states not to opress the aliens in your land but to welcome them.

I guess what I am getting at is why do we care so much about one sin but choose to completely justify dismissing Moses’s instructions when it comes to other things. Why is your sin better than the other guy’s sin? that’s what it all boils down to right? Everybody sins. Ask any Christian and they will tell you that they sin, that we all do so we do we specifically have this hatred, hatred that is never condoned in the bible for gays? I can’t answer that.

There was a time when I was much younger that I really had it out with God. I thought God was an Asshole. There was a time frame in my life that I was living a gay lifestyle. I now consider myselft straight as I have not participated in that lifestyle for over 2 decades. Sexuality is complicated. I will come back to that in another blog. I was really distraught because I believed what I was taught. That pre-marital sex was wrong and specifically gay sex and I disagreed with God. I don’t know anybody that thinks they are not on the same page as God. It is crazy making. EventuallyI decided everybody else was wrong and me and God are on the same page. I believe the Levitical laws were a reflection of that specific point in time but moralities and belief systems change over time. In short they are for the large part antiquated. At the very least the punishments are antiquated.

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