My 5 favorite bloggers to read this week. Yeah for being nice!!!

Okay so for some reason I started thinking about dunt dunt duh….being nice today. If you have ever seen the movie roadhouse with Patrick Swayze you can never unhear the following quote”Be nice. Until it’s time not be be nice” This got me thinking about some of my favorite nice quotes.

Okay so here are some of my favorite nice quotes Girl:”You look nice.” Me: Thank you. I am nice,”

Girl: “You look nice.” Me: As opposed to looking like an asshole?

Brian Wilson,beachboys “Wouldn’t it be nice!”

Leo Deroucher,baseball player and manager “Nice guys finish last.”

“Niiiiiice” sarcastic 20 something guy when I spilled nacho cheese on my shirt.

“it’s nice to be important but it’s important to be nice” John Templeton

Before i forget please feel free to respond with any “nice quotes”

So while I was thinking about nice I figured you know perhaps I should be nice. So I was thinking about some of my favorite blogs to read as of late so I will list my 5 favorite blogs to read this week either by author name or blog title and a brief description of why I read them. In no particular order they are

A fractured faith-this is a blog about faith and the author really knows how to translate scripture and make it apply in a contemporary setting.

Sarah Ferguson and Choppy-Sarah takes a lot of pictures of Choppy(the dog) and schooner(the cat) it’s hilarious. I love dogs, I tolerate cats.

Killing time- This is a movie blog about current releases. I love movies and Dave is really knowledgeable about movies.

Sketches by Nitesh-Nitesh is smart and thoughtful and diverse. I used to be thoughtful.

Hip to be Snark-This is a very personal blog about a person living with social anxiety disorder. I also suffer from anxiety so this is personal to me and I relate with her struggles.

So that is all for now and I urge you all to say nice things about at least one other person today. Tomorrow you can be an asshole if you would like.

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