Putting others first

Hello Happy Thursday to everybody. Somedays I know exactly where I am going with a blog and others I just have about 5 sentences in my head and I know the rest will magically find it’s way to the screen. Harry Potter is nowhere near me but today is one of those I am counting on magic kind of days. I do know I will wise crack about putting others first and the potential benefits.

So today at my AA meeting we read about being a trusted servant. We have this tradition that states that our leaders our but trusted servants we do not govern. In other words we are meant to be butlers not buttholes. I crack myself up. A lot of people like to wise crack and where it says we are but trusted servants they forget to pause and say we are butt trusted servants. Changes the whole meaning of the sentence. Today we shall explore putting others first.

Well let’s think about that one for a minute. How is this beneficial? A fun story comes to mind. When I was going to church we would have a lunch after the services. The pastor or somebody would say a few words and then a line forms at the long tables and people get served lunch. I have a thing about standing in lines. I just hate standing in long lines. I get frustrated really easy in these food lines. I always feel like God hates me and he specifically had in mind that I would stand behind the one guy that takes 3 and a half minutes to put the two hamburgers on his plate while I awkwardly wait behind him. Do I wait patiently? Do i cut in front of him and get something else to eat? Then I get resentful because I always get my food quickly. How come I can’t be the guy who makes everybody else wait 3 and a half minutes to get their food. How come the people behind me have it so good? Maybe I want to be a self serving asshole for once in my life and be running to be first in line knocking over old ladies and babies so I can get my food first. Maybe I would like to show up after the church service and just go straight to the food and be first in line and ust get food without even going to the service. Maybe I would like to be an asshole for once. Sometimes being socially acceptable is taxing. Okay back to the story.

I had been going to this church for about 2 years and every week the same thing. After the service we serve food we stand in line. I wait patiently for everybody else to eat. When the line dissipates I get in line and get mine. People look at me hey aren’t you going to eat? It gets awkward because I feel a weirdo for not standing in line and eventually I get my food. Until one day….

Okay so there are a lot of things going on here, I admit that. One, I feel weird waiting in lines,two I get impatient and three there is a spiritual principle that says the first shall be last and the last shall be first. I do like to be kind and there is no reason why I can’t let others prosper first and yes I have my social issues as well. One day it was particularly busy at the church lunch. Typically we would have like 20 people come eat after the service so waiting was relatively minimal but on this day there were about 40 people. I believe we had pastors from the region come and honor our pastor and those pastors brought their families and since Tino was getting honored more of his friends showed up.

Anyhow I am waiting at a nearby table per usual and one of the guest pastors gets up to  say the blessing before we eat and I get an idea. Once the blessings are said everybody forms a line. This line is massive in comparison to the usual. There are two tables set up. The first table has all your standard lunch fair on it. Your cute little cheeses and crackers. Your spreads, your casserole dish of enchiladas your pasta salads and what not. The usual fair of lunch food. I am not happy at all. The prospect of waiting for 40 people to get theirs first is not sitting well with me. We have a few of the usual I didn’t come to the service but I come to eat people in line as well as the this is not my regular church people as well. But then I realize there is another table, the unattended table, the one with no line. You guessed it, the table that gets no love until the first table gets all the love, the neglected table, the best darn table in the world, the dessert table. WOOT WOOT!

So this one day I decided you know what you all made your choice and now I’m gonna make mine. I headed straight for the dessert table while all of the other people were standing in line at the lunch table. They had first crack at the meats and cheeses and such but I had first crack at the chocolate cake and the cupcakes and the cookies. Oh HELL YEAH!!! This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!!! Bitches!!!!!!!!



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