Random nuggets of wisdom for the day

Alright, happy Wednesday everybody. I don’t feel like being topical today but I feel like I should write. So I’ll just kind of go stream of consciousness and see what comes out.

For some reason the song take me out to the ball game just got in my head. I’m not sure why this is a baseball anthem. The song specifically says “I don’t care if I ever come back.” It’s also comes from a pretty entitled point of view “buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.” This sounds like it was written about a bad first first date. I took this woman to a ball game. She made me buy her peanuts and cracker jacks, which is redundant because cracker jacks have peanuts in them and then get a load of this she says “I don’t care if I ever come back.” Guess what, she ain’t.

Ah, I love baseball but we need a new anthem.

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd.

I’ll buy my own fucking peanuts without the cracker jacks

and next week I will surely come back

For it’s root root root for the home team

if they don’t win the manager is to blame

For it’s 1-2-3 strikes you’re out

when Aaron Judge is at the plate!

Okay, that was fun. I feel great now. Having some fun with Aaron Judges strike out total but for real I think he should be the league MVP this year.

I am glad to be sober an glad that life does not consistently overwhelm me. Though I am fallible. And I am humbled enough to realize I have work to do.

Okay is it just me or do most descriptions of marriage make you not want to get married. People always says marriage is work. You have to work at it. Marriage is a compromise. You stop having sex when you get married. This never actually encourages me to get married. I am engaged and in roughly a year we are getting married. But if society wants you to get married they should tell men things like you get all kinds of crazy sex,you get to pass gas in front of her and eventually she will tolerate it,you can wear stained t shirts around the house and when you are feeling worthlesss she will remind you of why she loves you she will let you get a dog maybe not a big dino the dinosaur dog but nonetheless a dog she will actually let you eat junk food from time to time and best of all she won’t let you walk out of the house looking like an idiot because it makes her look bad. She will come up with fantastic ideas and then convince you that you thought of them and you will have no clue that  she played you. Women will flirt with you because you look good and you get to say to yourself you know if I wanted to…but you never act on it of course because you love your wife and you would do anything not to fuck up something so beautiful. Man I should write the campaign for “get married, it’s good for you” That was the heterosexual get married guys campaign. There should be a gay one as well because I support gay marriage they have every right to be as miserable as we do. Just kidding. Marriage is a great institution. I try not to get political but I had to advocate for the LGBT community.

Okay now I got started and since I believe that everybody is worth taking a shot at equally I have to say it. I think there are way too many letters in the pride events. I grew up in the bay area and for the longest time it was just called gay pride. We knew what it meant. We knew it meant homosexual men homosexual women and there were those that we refer to as bi-sexual. For the longest time nobody felt excluded. Gay was in other words an umbrella term. So first it was just gay pride and then the politicking came and the lesbians had to be included and it became gay and lesbian pride then the bi-sexuals felt excluded and it was like alright we’ll put your name in there too and it became gay lesbian bi-sexual pride. Then at some point the lesbians moved to the front of the line and it got to the point where if you were straight but at one point you had fantasized about brad pitt then you needed to be included as well. I think it’s now called the gay lesbian bi sexual transgender hey if robert redford offfered me a million dollars I would do him too pride parade.

One more random thought. Since Amazon bought whole foods are they going to merge and be known as A-Whole foods?


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