My favorite AA Plaques

Okay today has been a much better day than yesterday. I got my severance check after I got home from the library and they barely taxed it so I came out with a lot more than I was anticipating. I won’t give you the whole story and I want to keep it short but I got laid off on the 15th as my work place closed up for good. Anyhow, secured a job which should start on the 16th as that place is doing the exact opposite, they are opening early next year and I will be on the ground floor of it all helping set up the place and will be there from the get go. How exciting. It is a permanent job and it is full time and benefits are great. I have been intentionally nice to people today because I was kind of a Richard, I mean Dick to somebody yesterday.

I’ve walked like 5 and a half miles today and I also ran nearly 5 so I am tired. Anyhow, here are my two favorite AA plagues I have seen on the walls over time.

My favorite one says





the next one says




that’s all I got for today. Short and sweet. Anyone care to share their favorite program sayings?



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